What is Psychosomatic Therapy

Psycho (mind) – Soma (body)

Body - Mind communication exists within us every moment, as it creates our awareness of life itself.

The non verbal, but very real biological, neurological and chemical reactions are interpreted as emotions and feelings inside us. This effects our behaviour towards ourself and others.

Our Nationally Accredited Training in Psychosomatic Therapy is focussed on unleashing the constrains of our environmental conditioning to rediscover the miracle of conscious self awareness.

The systematic exploration of this language of the human body releases cellular memory and imbalances in the body tissue. This gives you a very positive awareness of "the shape you are in”.

Psychosomatic awareness is dramatically life changing as we become more conscious of our responsibility for our own health and wellbeing.

The training is aimed at the enhancement of:-

* Personal mental, emotional and physical health.

* Self esteem, confidence and the integrity to be yourself.

* Improved personal performance in Career and Relationships in the community and workplace.

Career Opportunities:-

* This training offers you the opportunity of a career as a practising Psychosomatic Therapist at Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma of Teaching Psychosomatic Therapy.

* Use the training to complement any other form of therapy, recognise stress, tension and discomfort before they become disease.

Quantum Physicists are proving this to be the Health Science of the future.....

Get on the cutting edge of this incredible experience now!

Hermann Müller
Director and Trainer AIBMAPT